if you can’t get your shit together now who says a couple of yrs down the road you’ll be ready then?


For those of you who don’t know, Lionel and I moved up to LA this summer to record a record for our band, Tigers in the Sky. If you are not familiar with kickstarter, it is a campaign platform for artists to raise funds to complete projects while also giving back to supporters. We have included really cool incentives for different pledge levels like signed hard copies of our album, photo and handmade magazine/books including words and photographs by us, exclusive songs, and more! Our campaign is now live and can be viewed on this link here. We have fully dedicated this current season of our lives to our music and are so excited to share this journey with you all. Any of the funds we raise will go directly to the recording process, making really rad art and sharing it with the world. If you would like to give, financially or just by sharing our link/video (on social media, reblogging on tumblr, etc) we cannot express our gratitude to you in words. Know that we are so excited and are working hard to produce music we are proud of. The campaign will run for thirty days and if we do not raise the full amount, we will not receive any donations. If you feel led to give, thank you. We are not asking for anything beyond what you can give. If you would like to share this link and our story, please share this and know we are so grateful!!! Love you all. Thank you.

Here is the link to our campaign, once again. 


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